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We’re refreshing our deposit options so you can refresh your returns

Whether you’re looking for short or long term investment options, we have the Notice and Fixed Deposit options you need, with rates that will make the most out of your money.

Our new notice deposit offerings

Plan for the flexibility you need, with rates that give you the freedom to meet them. Introducing our new short term Notice Deposit Accounts.

Our new fixed term deposit offering

up to 8.62%*

on a 1 month fixed deposit account.

Our Fixed Term Deposits offer different investment periods to suit you and your business needs. Enabling you to reap the benefits of monthly or annual returns at leading interest rates. And with the introduction of our 1 Month Fixed Deposit account, you can add even more flexi to your flexi, whilst still earning up to 8.84%* interest. Whatever you start with, make it count with Access Bank. *Effective rate over 12 months

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Growing your money using a fixed deposit or notice account

If you want your money to be easily available, should you need it, a fixed deposit or notice deposit account can be a good option. 

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Should you consider a fixed or notice deposit account for your business?

Owning a business in these turbulent times is not for the faint-hearted. So, what does it take to be a resilient business?

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