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Access to your own custom banking and payments solutions

We have the resources to develop and implement banking solutions for your customers, right where you engage with them – on your platforms or in your outlet. Access our unique integration technologies to simplify the creation of these products whilst speeding up time to market. With over 16 years experience in Alliance Banking, you can be sure that all banking roles and responsibilities are not just taken care of, but perfected.

Access our
banking ecosystem

From back office processing, compliance and risk management to integration as well as traditional and non-traditional payment types. Whatever your idea, we’re here to enable you.

What would your banking
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Imagine your innovation right here.

Store of Value

Debit card and pre-paid cards

Domestic and international remittances

A network of cash acceptance and cash-out options

Payments and collections services

Value added products in electricity, airtime and more

Data storage and reporting

Regulatory services and enhancements

Compliance and risk management