Our loans are all about
one thing. You.

Our loans are all about
one thing. You.

Simple and stress-free. Access a personal,
home or vehicle loan, tailored to suit you

Simple and stress-free. Access a personal, home or vehicle loan, tailored to suit you

With a loan from Access Bank you’re always at the centre. From flexible terms to personalised interest rates, now you can access the future that is waiting and make the best of whatever comes your way.

Short Term Loan

Need cash urgently? Apply for a loan of up to R8 000 over 6 months and get your loan approved the same day.

Personal Loan

Apply for a personal loan from R8 000 up to R120 000 knowing that your repayment amount is the same each month.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Consolidate your debt and reduce your monthly debt obligations by easily managing one loan instalment.

Need to Knows before applying:

Choose Your Loan

Simply move the sliders on our homepage and decide exactly how much money you need and your intended payment plan. Once this is done, we will give you a repayment schedule to give you a clear indication of fees and instalments.

Let’s Get To Know You

You will need to provide us with some personal information on your online application form to allow us to determine if you qualify for the loan amount you want. You will need to provide us with your ID copy, your employment details, monthly income and personal banking information.

We Verify Your Income

Once your loan application has been submitted, we will need to verify your income. Just provide us with your most recent three months bank statements which clearly indicates your personal details as well as your monthly income.

The Money Is Transferred To Your Account

We will conduct checks to make sure that all details provided are accurate. Once everything has been validated, your funds will be paid out on the same day.

Brilliant Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for a short-term loan, you will need to be above the age of 18 (Eighteen) and must be permanently employed for a minimum of 3 (Three) month.

We do a credit check on your name and details, if you have a bad credit record, it does not necessarily mean that we will not assist you. We consider a lot of factors as well, and if we feel comfortable that you will be able to repay the loan, we will definitely consider your application.

All payments are made directly into the bank account that you receive your salary. Therefore your bank account needs to be active and you have to be able to make cash withdrawals on that account.

During your registration you need to give us your active contact details, physical address, employer details and a breakdown of your income(s) and expenses. You will need to provide us with your banking details as we need to pay the money into your account and load the debit order for your monthly instalment.

All your private information is kept 100% safe and secure. Please see our privacy policy in the terms and conditions where you can read all about the ins-and-outs of what we do with your information. Access Bank branded as Access Credit is a registered credit provider.

Yes, we require our clients to be employed for a minimum period of 3 months and receive a monthly salary paid into your bank account that we will debit.

You need to have an active bank account that is registered in your name. We will not be able to make any payments to a 3rd party bank account.

When granting a loan Access Credit, will verify that your bank account belongs to you.

Thereafter once a loan is approved, you will get a request from your bank to verify the debit order instruction. This is known as a DebiCheck debit order, which is an initiative by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA).

Access Bank with its Access Credit initiative has implemented DebiCheck to put you in control of your debit orders.

In order to activate your approved loan and have the disbursement made, you must consent to a DebiCheck debit order.

Due to an increasing number of unauthorised debit orders being submitted into the payment system, DebiCheck will require you to electronically confirm the DebiCheck debit order details before we can debit your account. So this request both protects you the client and us as the credit provider.

You will be able to review the DebiCheck debit order details on your preferred channel, ensuring increased security and putting you in control of your debit orders.

Once you have received your acceptance OTP, Access Credit will prompt your bank to send you a DebiCheck debit order authentication SMS to your cell number you registered with your bank, remember If your number has changed, please update it with your bank.

This DebiCheck authentication SMS will be valid for 2 minutes. If you unable to authenticate your debit order within this given timeframe or you have not received your SMS, your loan will be placed in a pending status and your loan disbursement will only be triggered once your DebiCheck debit order has been authenticated.

You do however have alternative channels whereby you can authenticate your DebiCheck debit order which we have listed below:

  • On your banking App
  • Through your online banking
  • At your bank’s ATM’s

We understand that certain things happen in life that are out of your control. We will always try and accommodate your situation and make alternative arrangements where we can. The responsibility to set up an alternative arrangement lies with you. Please contact us in advance.

In the event of non-repayment and we are unable to work out an active arrangement with you, we will be forced to hand your account over an external debt collection company. We will further have to notify the national loan register and the credit bureau. This will mean unnecessary costs for you, and will also affect your chances of qualifying for a loan anywhere else in future. That is why it is very important for you to communicate with us if you are experiencing financial difficulties, this will allow us to revise your repayment plan and help you out where we can.