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Access everyday ease

From daily transactions to online management and specialised accounts, Access Bank eases your day to day banking processes. You deal only with your relationship manager, who comes to your business. Our digital banking services allow you to transact wherever you are.


Access new possibilities out of a new kind of partnership.

Your Access Current Account is your safe, convenient day-to-day banking platform. Through it, you can access a wide range of additional services and products.

Your business transactional account gives you access to:

  • Borrow & grow
  • Manage cash
  • Bank electronically
  • ATM card facilities
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Deposit and investment products, and more

Access safe, efficient cash handling solutions

When your business runs on cash, how you handle it is critical for your overall efficiency and financial security. Having quick access to your account, enhanced security and useful management information makes all the difference.

We can custom design a solution involving one, or a combination of all of the following: automated onsite banking machines, cash-in-transit collection and traditional branch banking.

Access automated cash handling

Access Bank can help you automate your cash handling. Innovative automated banking machines, installed on-site, not only count your money but also validate its authenticity. We design a solution to suit the size and requirements of your business – from single note feeders to multi high-speed cash acceptors, with capacity from R50,000 to R1,000,000.

Access improved efficiency

  • Less administration and time on counting and cashing up
  • Same-day value for a better cash flow position
  • Reduce in-store cash losses and employee theft
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Easy reconciliation – deposits can be identified or personalised per cashier
  • Accurate financial reporting and easy access to real-time information
  • Format reporting that can be integrated into your accounting system

Access risk benefits

  • Early transfer of risk (once Cash-in-Transit collects)
  • Tamper-sensitive on-site secure storage
  • Additional independent 24 hour armed response
  • Detailed audit trail of cash transactions and all device activity
  • Safe, speedy transfer to a bolted device for extra security

Note: Your negotiations and contractual arrangements with Cash-in-Transit service providers are independent of your cash handling agreement with Access Bank.

Traditional Cash Handling

Bank your cash directly at one of our Access Bank cash centres or branches, or use a Cash-in-Transit (CIT) service provider for added security and risk management.

Cash in Transit and Cash Centre Services

Deposit your cash and withdraw whenever you need to in a convenient, secure environment. As an Access Bank business client, you can visit our sites in all major centres countrywide for both CIT and walk-in transactions. 

Traditional Branch Banking

Our alliance agreement with ABSA Bank means you can enjoy a full, competitive service. Access one of over 700 ABSA sites throughout South Africa to transact and manage your money directly from your Access Bank account.

Access more time to spend on your business

Access quick, convenient online business banking that’s also cost-effective. When you want to, wherever you happen to be, online banking is all about streamlining your time so that you can spend more of it doing what you’re really passionate about – building your business. Online banking with Access Bank is safe and easy to use. 

At your fingertips, 24/7, wherever you are, you can:

  • Access all your accounts
  • View real-time balances, transaction information, transaction history and statements 
  • Make instant transfers between your accounts
  • Manage beneficiaries and view direct debits
  • Pay creditors and employees safely and securely
  • Set up capturers and approvers in your business according to your needs, to ensure the security of your banking processes
  • Run your collections and account verifications 

Access 24/7 Online Support

Our online banking support team is ready 24/7 to help you with training, beneficiary loading, pin resets and other operational support. Call us on 0861 102 205 for help or if you suspect your account has been interfered with.


Q: Is online banking secure?

A: The security of your account is our top priority. Our online banking site is encrypted and is accessed through your secret login number and pin. In addition to encryption and access control, you can set up controls that allow limited access to certain employees e.g. view-only, beneficiary loading and payment submission. Always practice safe online banking, never access your bank account via an emailed link, and never share your details with anyone electronically or telephonically, even if they claim to be from Access Bank.

Q: How do I sign up for an online business banking account?

A: Once you’ve opened an Access Bank account, you can select the internet banking login option and sign up as a new user. Complete the enrolment application form and submit. We will validate your details against the information we have on record, for your security. After successful registration, your relationship manager will let you know when your pin is ready and arrange to get it to you. 

Q: Does online banking save money?

A: Yes – viewing your balances and downloading statements are free services. You will only be charged a monthly subscription fee once you’ve registered. After that, fees are payable as you transact. You can view the applicable fees in our pricing guide here. 

Q: What other electronic banking services does Access Bank offer?

A: Our Commercial Payment System is specifically designed to cater for your business’s bulk/batch payments and collections requirements.  This online system provides you with a complete database of the payment history of all your transactions. Like online banking, beneficiaries are created and stored on the system for payment. The system validates the beneficiary account numbers and branch codes while looking for duplicate transactions within the same batch. Once information is verified and authorised by you, it’s uploaded to Access Bank for distribution into the various beneficiary accounts. This system provides an audit trail of transactions plus an invoice for the service fees and details of the funding account.

To access it, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee after having registered. After that, fees are payable as you transact. You can view the applicable fees in our pricing guide here.

Access peace of mind

A legally instituted and authorised product to formally guarantee payment in respect of your business obligations to third parties – allowing you to take the next steps.


  • Property Guarantees – issued to effect the transfer of immovable property
  • Performance Guarantees – issued to underwrite building/development activities
  • Payment Guarantees – issued to guarantee rental payments, deposits to municipalities, etc

Access safe holding for attorneys

Specifically designed for attorney practices holding funds in trust for other parties. At Access Bank we ensure these funds remain secure and can be efficiently accessed.

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