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Opening an account has never been easier

The Access More App is here to revolutionise your banking experience. Explore an app that truly gives you access to more.

You can sign up with just your ID Document when registering

You can personalise the app’s look and feel, until Access More feels just right for you.

Efficient bills payments
Secure, easy transactions at the click of a button.

Seamless onboarding
The quickest and most efficient way to open an Access Bank account.

Prepaid purchases
Get airtime, data and other prepaid services.

Debit card facilities
Block lost/stolen cards, change your pin and order a new card online.

QR Code Payments
Send your QR code to someone and have them scan it to make a transfer to you.

Biometric Authentication
Use facial scans or your unique fingerprint to unlock the app and for in-app authorisations.